poloroid by sasha

  molly jochem was raised on red dirt and river water by a wild pack of wolves. She started painting as an escape from the societal pressures of conformity while in high school.

  Decades later, she still wrestles with existential questions through visual art.

  Her raw materials include the chaotic turbulence of feeling , the joy of being alive, the mystery of relating to our huge organism that is unconsciously & psychically linked together forming this universe.

  Using truth, adventure, experience, beauty,  & enigma to gather these raw materials, she then focuses on color, texture and patterning to tell visual stories that explore the eternal questions about being human, and define a worldview that she can feel a part of.

  molly jochem is influenced by David Hockney’s use of flat space and pattern to convey the chaos, fragility and pre-destiny of life; Anselm Keifer’s cryptic references to the human struggle buried in inch thick paint and mixed media texture; and Frida Kahlo’s unabashed telling and retelling of her own story, in vivid color.